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Mountain shoes / boots are mandatory. They have an adhesive sole, specially designed to cope with low grip conditions (rain, snow, slippery surfaces, etc.). The fact that they are taller helps to protect the ankle area against injuries. At the same time, they must not get wet, but also have a membrane that makes them breathable.  We strongly recommend EXTRA-S – MFX2 boots for winter and EXTRA-S MFX1 shoes for summer.

Each layer of clothing has a specific role. Thus, put on the skin body clothing that has the role of thermal protection, and if it gets wet, it will dry very quickly (usually made of synthetic materials or cotton). The next layer is represented by a garment such as polar Tec or fleece, which has the role of providing most of the thermal comfort. You can also opt for wind stopper blouses, which offer protection in case of wind. Next is the last layer, consisting of protective clothing against wind and rain, clothes that have a breathable membrane. In case of frost, you can take a down jacket.

Keep in mind that in cold conditions, most of the heat is lost through the head and neck area. Put on a hat and wear blouses that cover the neck area. You can also use buffs (textile cylinders that can be used as a scarf, headband, hat or face mask). Don’t forget to protect your hands by wearing gloves.

Don’t go overboard. During the effort you will release a large amount of heat and thus you will sweat profusely. Give up, each time, the warmest layer when you are going to make a sustained effort and dress back when you take a break.

On clear days or in winter (when the snow amplifies a lot of light) wear UV-protected sunglasses.

To move more easily and benefit from an increased balance you can opt for a cane or a pair of telescopic sticks.

Keep in mind that in the mountains the weather is very unstable, and the weather conditions can change radically, in a very short time. At the same time, the temperature drops by about 6 degrees Celsius, with every 1000 meters the difference in level rises, and the wind and precipitation make you feel a much lower temperature than the real one.


EXTRA-S – Tactical Footwear

These boots were made for walking