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Take a slightly larger amount of fluids than necessary to be able to hydrate properly.  Choose water, teas or natural juices, and in winter take warm liquids (in a thermos).

Alcohol or carbonated beverages should be avoided.Trail - Extra-S multifunctional shoes

It is advisable to have some food supplies with you. Food is a replacement for the calories you lose during exercise.

Replacement clothes and protective clothing against wind and rain. We advise you to take thicker clothes in your backpack, in case the temperature drops. Do not forget that at higher altitudes the weather is particularly unpredictable, and weather conditions can change radically in a very short time.

Torch/Light (very useful if you’re out at the ends of the day).


Sunglasses with UV protection (especially for clear days or in winter when snow amplifies the light).

Skin protection cream (especially on clear days or in winter when snow greatly amplifies the power of the sun).


Phone with a charged battery (useful when you need information or help).

Bag to take away any rubbish.


EXTRA-S – Tactical Footwear

These boots were made for walking